Lifestyle Disorders Management

Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity

Diabetes is highly growing disease in India. Unhealthy Food habits, lack of exercise, hereditary and stress are important causes of it. We are having effective medicinal treatment which is diagnosed and treated only by Ayurveda concepts and medicines. Many of the Insuline dependent patients are successfully living without it. Panchakarma too gives more benefits in these cases.

Hypertension is also because of same causes, life style management with Diet and Yoga is giving best results. Ayurveda medicines gives strength to Heart muscles and improves peripheral blood circulation. Hruda basti, Shirodhara are very much beneficial in heart diseases.

Weight management- It is for weight loss and weight gain too.

For obesity or weight loss- Ayurveda treatments are natural and healthier than weight loss pills or crash diets. Ayurvedic treatment plays a very intrinsic role in the weight loss process of the patient, as it combines medicines, detoxification by Panchakarma, diet regime and exercise. One should always remember that it is the combined effects of all the three mentioned regimens that should be followed by the patient to get long lasting results. Only liquid diet or supplementary diet hampers the metabolism of the body resulting in long term side effects.

Causes of Obesity includes PCOS, Thyroid disorders , Diabetes, Excess of Steroids intake, Depression too. So, we treat weight loss by treating the above causes with Medicines and Panchakarma.

Weight Gain is possible if digestive system is working happily. So, to improve the appetite, for skinny muscle, thin body, weight gain is needed, to improve the muscle, fat and immunity. Along with Diet we use medicines and panchakarma which includes, Abhyang, Yapan Basti(medicated milk), Pinda sweda, shirodhara.

Hair & Skin Beauty

Every lady wish to have long, thick and beautiful hair. But pollution, hard water and very important weak digestion tends to loss of hair, graying of hair, baldness, dandruff, itchy scalp. Along with that skin complaints like pimples, dry skin, patchy skin, dullness hides the beauty.

Advice of diet and exercise , yoga to be done during pregnancy.

Skin Disorders

Psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, licen planus, urticaria any many skin diseases are due to abnormality in pitta and rakta in our body. Our dietry habits are also predisposing as well as triggering factors for these.

For healthy hair and glowing skin, needs medicines to improve digestion, nourish blood circulation.

Ayurveda says, Hair is the waste product of Bones( asthi dhatu) so nourishment of bones is also important for hair problems.

Cleansing of hair followed with deep root oil massage is key for long and thick hair.

Here we are emphasis on better growth of hair by stimulating hair bud, nourishment of scalp and hair, reducing hair loss with ayurvedic herbs and therapies.

Panchakrma to detoxify, Shirodhara, nasya, udvartan , lepa, raktamokshana are necessary to enhance Beauty.