Spine, Joints & Muscle Health

Relieves Pain..Feel energetic and Move smoothly

Arthritis is very broad term. People using for complaint of pain , swelling, restricted movement of joint and spine. These are very common now a day. Many times its chronic and having limited option to get relief in modern medicines.

In arthritis, there is degeneration and inflammation of bone , cartilages, ligaments and muscle because of age, inappropriate diet, lack of exercise or some external factors like trauma or injuries.

In arthritis, VATA gets disturbed because of age , poor nourishment of bone, cartilage, muscle other body elements of body-DHATUs and inflammation due to formation of AMA- indigested food- reason for diseases for many problem because of inappropriate diet and life style.

Ayurvedic medicines and therapies balances VATA and helps to digest the AMA, ensuring decrease in pain, inflammation , improves bone nourishment ,muscle and nerves strength , improves movements of joint and spine. Ayurvedic therapy for joint, muscle and spine disorders showing fantastic results and is know Globally appreciated.

At PRAKRUTI we have solutions for joint muscle and spine problems like all Arthritis, Rheumatic arthritis, Gout, Cervical spondilitis, Lumber spondilitis, Disc prolapse, Nerve compression, Sciatica, Frozen shoulder, Sports injuries, and many others .

Here we provides therapy along with the medicines are ABHYANGA< NADISWEDA, PATRA POTTALI, PINDA SWEDA(SHALI SHASHTIK P INDA - POTTALI), BASTI, KATIBASTI, JANU BASTI, LEPA, showing fast and long lasting relief from complaints.

Shali Shashtik Pinda Swedana-

It consist of fomentation with medicated rice and milk used in Bones, muscles, nerve and ligament tear injuries. It gives nourishment, strength and increases stamina of muscles and joints. Herbs like ashwagandha, devdar, sahachar, kavachabeej … are for panda sweda.

Pattra Pottali-

Fomentation with leaves of Nirgudi, sahachar, eranda patra, etc mainly used in rheumatic arthritis, inflamed joints and in some skin problems too. It is helpful to digest localised Aam and inflammation, to improve restricted movements.