Digestion Management

Agni is the Digestive power which is the important concept of Ayurveda. Loss of Agni or vitiation of Agni is the main cause of all diseases. Assimilation /acceptance of any food even medicine in our body is done only after the process by agni on it. So maintaining the AGINI in normalcy is very much important.

Loss of appetite, tastelessness, indigestion, hyperacidity, migraine, colitis, heart burn, flatulence, constipation, stress, Insomnia, jaundice, anaemia, piles, fissures, fistula, Thyroid disorders, obesity,hair loss, pimples etc all are because of weak Agni or digestion. It is the root cause of all disorders.

We have cured all acute and chronic diseases with Ayurveda medicines and panchakrma without relapse of it. Proper diet, exercise and yoga helps the Medicines to cure it fast and maintain the health.

Infertility, PCOS & Uttar Basti

As our young generation is spending maximum time for their studies, job and careers. So, the stress factor is more and mother being age is now prolonged to 30s. We are having maximum cases of PCOS, Irregular menses, weight gain and leading to Infertility. Along with that uterine fibroid, menorrhaegia, painful menses, menopausal symptoms, vaginal dryness and excess hormonal treatments affects the reproductive system.

For that we are having Ayurvedic medicinal treatments along with Panchakarma to detoxify. On the top of this we do Uttar basti.

For infertility we advice treatments for both Husband and Wife for better and fast results.

Utter basti is passing of medicinal oil, ghee in to uterus or in urethra under all aseptic precautions. We are using Utterbasti very effectively in infertility. It helps to remove the tubal blocks, helps in nourishing the uterine endometrium, regulate the menstrual cycle. It increases the strength of uterus, removes the doshas, and helps for early conception. Till date many patient get benefited with the utterbasti.

Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care

We are giving Medicines with repect to the the month of pregnancy called as MASANUMASIK Medicines. Ayurveda assures prohibition of early abortions, good organal development of baby, tries to increase intellect , immunity of baby, uneventful delivery, good lactation- formation of good quality and sufficient breast milk after delivery.

Advice of diet and exercise , yoga to be done during pregnancy.