There are main five procedure for the removal of toxins through the body depending upon dominance of toxins


Very popular and many of us aware about the name through advertisements. Very much known for its stress relieving effect. According to Ayurveda healthy means healthy and fit by body as well as mind. Now a days due to our lifestyle changes many diseases have effected our mind , also involvement of mind. So treating body is not only solution. Shirodhara shows tremendous outcome in the effect of treatment is such cases. In shirodhara we are pouring oil , medicated milk, medicated butter milk on patients forehead. This is helping to control the vata dosha in body as well as mind. Shirodhara found very effective in psychological disorders like insomnia, depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, etc, also in psoriasis, colities, in diseases having mind connection. The effect of Shirodhara is much similar with Pranayam and Dhyan.