Nadi pariksha- Pulse diagnosis

Nadipariksha or pulse reading is a science. It is like a fantasy in our society but it’s the science of perception. It is most popular and vital method of diagnosis as described under 8 folds or Asthavidhpariksha in Ayurveda Nidanshastra. Ravan was the expertise in Nadipariksha and we have the references too.Here in our clinic we, Vaidya percepts the radial artery atthe wrist joint and can feel the changes in vibrations of the flow. We do nadipariksha with 3 fingers and can feel the vibrations. We do thenadipariksha and is studied and noted as per the different diseases and symptoms. It is useful for us to know itsseverity, prognosis, durations and the diagnosis to do result oriented treatments. It is the tool by which we can find hidden causes, symptoms too which are yet not felt by the patients. Its a invasive, effective and less expensive method of diagnosis.